Al Fjerstad

– Al Fjerstad:
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Al started his career in public safety over 27 years ago as a 911 dispatcher for the City of Richfield. In 1990 Al was hired by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) as 911 Dispatcher. He was soon promoted to Supervisor and Training Officer of the 911 Center and worked in this capacity for several years. In 2001 he was again promoted to Radio System Administrator for the 800 MHz ARMER system with HCSO. This is where he spent the remainder of his career with HCSO, training learning, and working with a team of highly skilled personnel from HCSO & Motorola to migrate HCSO to the ARMER Radio System. As the Radio Systems Administrator, Al developed radio fleetmaps, codeplugs, as well as helping program and maintain a fleet of nearly 7,000 radios. He also was tasked with the learning and maintaining the TICP for Hennepin County. This responsibility required several hours of training in San Diego, CA. at the SPAWAR training facility, as well as many hours of using and working with the system and help desk personnel to keep the system updated and prepared for use. In August 2011, Al retired from the HCSO and was hired by the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office as the PSAP Manager and Emergency Management Director for the County. Al was primarily hired to migrate Mille Lacs County to the ARMER Radio System, which should be completed sometime in the August-September 2012 time frame.

Within Public Safety Communications, Al was part of a UASI Grant full scale Multi Agency, Multi Level Communications exercise in the City of Bloomington, at the Mall of America in 2005. This exercise brought numerous Federal, State, Local, and Volunteer agencies together, all with different radio systems. The primary goal of this exercise was to bring all the disparate types of communication systems together as one. This was done extremely well, and in fact was said to be one of the top exercises and successes of its type. Since this exercise, Al has been part of numerous other exercises and operations throughout the State and region, most recently being assigned as the COML for the St. Cloud Air Show in 2011, and EOC Director for the Operation Gone with the Wind Full Scale Exercise at Camp Ripley in June 2012.

Al has been working for On-Target Training and Consulting LLC for the past several years and has trained numerous trainers and end users in the State of Minnesota on the ARMER System functionality. Al is intimately familiar with the design, build and operational functionality of TICP’s including the Central Minnesota TICP.