Charles L. Jacky

– Charles L. Jacky:
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Mr. Jacky began his over 40 year career in public safety as a police officer, then a 911 dispatch supervisor followed by a trainer. The majority of his career, 33 years, was spent behind a console in a 911 police and fire county-wide consolidated dispatch center. He has always enjoyed developing a training structure to operate a system effectively in an understandable approach. In 1982 he became a Minnesota Certified POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) instructor and has continued training ever since. ARMER (Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response) P25 trunked digital statewide radio system, became a part of the dispatch center that Mr. Jacky worked at in 2003. This was another opportunity to learn about and then teach the new radio system to end users in all of the entities served. In 2006 he began a little over 4 year position with the MESB (Metropolitan Emergency Services Board) as a Regional Radio Interoperability and Training Coordinator. This position used both a direct (PSAP – Public Safety Answering Point) and Train the Trainer approach to bring new users onto the ARMER as well as conducting interoperability exercises with all branch users whether they were ARMER users or not. When NIMS (National Incident Management System) developed the COML (Communications Unit Leader) position, he became instrumental in coordinating the individuals in the Minnesota Metro area that attended COML training to operate as a team. This lead to the path to becoming an OEC (Office of Emergency Communications) approved COML instructor. The COML curriculum transitioned to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as of June 1st 2011. Along with the OEC status Mr. Jacky is now an approved FEMA and Minnesota Certified COML instructor. He has taught the COML curriculum in Minnesota, Wisconsin Iowa and Texas. In June of 2010 he joined On Target Training & Consulting LLC to continue training radio systems throughout Greater Minnesota. He has taught the ARMER curriculum currently in all 7 of the 7 radio regions in Minnesota. This training demonstrates even to the trainer how flexible the ARMER system is. End users become excited to learn more about the interoperability of the system as they learn the capabilities.

Within Public Safety Communications Experience, Mr. Jacky was assigned duties as the Metropolitan Region Interoperability Coordinator which included the further development of the Metropolitan TICP (Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan), one of the original TICPs, starting among the UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) as a 2005 grant. Mr. Jacky reached out to all entities involved in the Metropolitan area and in turn enter their information into CASM (Computerized Asset Survey Mapping) tool. I have worked with this tool for several years and did training for its entry and use at Spawar in San Diego CA., the site where the tool was housed, by the people that developed and maintained the tool. I have trained several people in its use both in the entry portion or CAS as well as the read only or CAM portion. I have also educated several hundred people in the existence and need to keep it current. Mr. Jacky was part of a small group to decide how the TICP would impact the entire state of Minnesota. Developing the TICP by regions and the State TICP being a combination of the TICPs rather than a combined or separate document made user sense. My Jacky was an integral part of the development of the state standard for maintenance of the TICP plan (3.40.0).

Chuck has been working for On Target Training and Consulting LLC for the past three years, He is a FEMA approved and Minnesota certified COML instructor.