Training Courses

The OTTC team has designed and implemented training curricula in the listed areas. Feel free to inquire on any training needs you agency may desire. We have several public safety experienced instructors on staff and have additional contacts and avenues of approaches to meet you training needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Consultation and Training Services
Communications Related

 Subscriber Trainer Training:
 Subscriber Trainer Training refresher:
 Subscriber End-user training:
 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) personnel training
(MCC 7500)
 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Console ADMIN:
 Non-user (Elected Official) training
 ICS principles and MN Communication asset workshop:
 Incident management and communications planning:
 Motorola XTS/XTL radio programming training:
 Motorola APX Programming training:
 Motorola XTS/XTL/APX programming BASICS:
 Trunked system Administration training:
 COML: 21 hours (OEC) 28+hours
 CASM utilization
 Build input and administration
 Level 1 and 2
 Design and development of communications exercises, table tops, etc.
 Fleet mapping, gateways, etc., etc., by request and design
 Radio programming, reprogramming
 System Administration Services
 Web based radio training and functionality

Additional consulting/ training offering’s:

 Incident management/ ICS principles
 Table top exercise management
 Personnel background investigations
 Adult Learning Concepts
 Police Field Training Officer Training
 Use of force
 Firearms

On Target Training & Consulting.
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